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Welcome to the alternative smoking website

Whether you wish to cut out cigarettes for health or financial reasons, E-Cigarettes really do help and can offer a permanent replacement to tobacco products.

If its financial and you smoke about one pack a day then you are spending approx 70.00 per week! That's about 3640 a year!

With E-Cigarettes you spend approx 5 per week for the same amount of smoking. Plus you don't have the tar, chemicals, smell, cough or the high risk of cancer. As an added benefit you can get your sense of taste and smell back in a week! The liquids in e-liquid are food grade and used in everyday products.

We stock the latest and best in E-Cigarettes, E-Liquids and accessories.

This site is being upgraded at the moment so please excuse the odd mistake.

Our E-Liquids and E-Cigarettes pages are stocked and we also have information on what exactly E-Cigarettes

 are and how they work as well as a FAQ page which we hope you will find helpful as well as some of the benefits of changing from tobacco products

Check back soon for more updates and products.

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